Chatillon CS1100 Digital Force Tester

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Chatillon CS1100
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CS1100 Datasheet
The Chatillon CS1100 Digital Force Tester is a revolutionary system optimized for production testing applications, including medical devices, plastics, packaging, textiles, rubber and electronics to name a few. No personal computer is required; no proprietary software is required; no knowledge of programming languages is required. The CS1100 provides you with an easy-to-use, intuitive and straight-forward method for tensile testing, compression testing, sheer testing, flexural testing, peel testing or advanced multi-stage testing that conform to ISO or ASTM testing procedures.
  • Limit testing to load, displacement, height or time
  • Break testing – sharp or percentage
  • Multi-stage, cyclic tests and height measurements
  • Peel testing
When high test repeatability and documentation of results is important, but you don't need advanced materials test functionality, the CS Series is an excellent choice.
Chatillon CS1100 Features
  • Force measurements made easy - Accurate results, easy programming, maximum throughput and minimal operator training
  • One-click operation - Simple and intuitive; with one-click access to favorite tests as well as test results
  • Modern design & technology - Linear guide technology, pre-loaded ball screws and advanced software compensation ensures high displacement measurement precision
  • Robust and reliable touch screen - A dust-protected & splash-proof touch screen that is intuitive to operate – perfect for use on the production floor
  • Large, flexible work area - Up to 180 mm throat depth for large specimens and a wide range of grips and fixtures available
  • Sample testing and quality assurance - Immediate pass/fail output, automatic data export, controlled access levels and barcode scanning functionality
  • Security - Two levels of user access: supervisor and operator. Both can be password protected
  • Plug & play - A self-contained, fully operational system that requires no computer or software installation
Test Setups:
  • Load limit
  • Displacement limit
  • Height limit
  • Time limit
  • Break or rupture
  • Cycle and loop
  • Multi-stage (define test as a combination of the above)
  • Tensile
  • Compression
  • Peel
Load Measurement System:
  • CLC Series load sensors
  • Auto-recognition, “plug & test”
  • Sensor overload history log
  • On-site field calibration using traceable master load cells in combination with dead weights Displacement measurement
  • Displacement measurement meets or exceeds the following: ASTM E83, BS 3846, ISO 9513, EN10002-4
  • The system can apply displacement compensation as a standard function Data output
  • One Ethernet, one USB available
  • Save data directly to external drive, server or to
USB Flash Drive:
  • Save data locally in console memory (10 GB)
  • Interface to USB serial devices; barcode scanner/ reader, printers, keyboards and hubs
  • Export data to CSV file
  • RS232 (input) for external ASCII command