Tinius Olsen H5KT Benchtop Tester

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Rent Tinius Olsen H5KT Benchtop Tester
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Tinius Olsen H5KT
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H5KT Datasheet
The Tinius Olsen H5KT Benchtop Tester incorporates the latest advanced technology and quality engineering to give you the ultimate in durability, convenience, accuracy and ease of use. Powerful as a stand alone unit, the H5KT has capabilities that are enhanced by direct connection to a printer to produce a high resolution graph and comprehensive test report.

The H5KT has a robust control unit with a backlit LCD display that can be positioned for optimum visibility. Test parameters are set through this console and a real time graph is displayed on the screen during the test. The H5KT builds on the technology and quality engineering used in the S Series to give you the ultimate in durability, convenience, accuracy and ease of use. The H5KT has the same capabilities as the S Series, but at a reduced cost. We are able to reduce the cost of the machine by eliminating the display of the S Series and talking directly to a PC running out testing software.
Tinius Olsen H5KT Features
  • PC control via high speed
  • RS232 using ASCII mode and super high speed binary mode
  • Machines are proof loaded to 200% of capacity
  • Force accuracy of 0.5% of applied load across the load cell display range
  • Built-in intelligent active force and displacement alarm system
  • 32 bit precision motor controller
  • Displacement resolution of 0.0001 mm (T series in binary mode)
  • Speed resolution of 0.001 mm/min
  • 150% mechanical overload capacity on each load cell
  • 20% digital load tare while maintaining full load cell capacity
  • Automatic motor drive alarms that monitor over/under voltage, current and temperature