Chauvin Arnoux GREENTEST FTV100 Solar Power Installation Analyzer

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The Chauvin Arnoux FTV100 can be used to measure and display all the physical and electrical parameters of solar power installations simultaneously while also storing them

This highly-effective instrument can perform all the measurements needed to calculate the efficiency of the solar power installation:
  • Electrical power survey
  • Calculation of solar panel efficiency
  • Calculation of inverter efficiency

The GREENTEST FTV100 has a large extra-bright 5.7" color LCD screen with anti-reflective treatment making it particular easy to read in all circumstances. It is just as easy to set up as it is to use. Users install their physical measurement probes: a Pt100 probe for ambient temperature measurement, a Pt100 probe for the panel temperature and a pyranometer for the insolation. They then connect the voltage leads and current clamps and configure the FTV100 with the panel-manufacturer's parameters to serve as a reference. To transmit the measurement results remotely, the FTV100 has a remote module operating via a wired link (15 m) or via Bluetooth (100 m). In addition, the GREENTEST Report software can be used to acquire all the measurements in real time. At a glance, the display of the curves enables users to make an initial assessment of whether the installation is operating correctly or not. The software includes graphic analysis of the measurements and report printing.