Solmetric PVA-1000S I-V Curve Tracer 1000V

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Rent Solmetric PVA-1000S I-V Curve Tracer 1000V
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Solmetric PVA-1000S
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PVA-1000S Datasheet Accessory Kit
The Solmetric PVA-1000S I-V Curve Tracer 1000V is a 1000 volt I-V curve tracer with built-in PV performance modeling and advanced wireless irradiance, temperature and tilt sensing. It provides unprecedented measurement throughput and accuracy and delivers deep insight into the performance of your arrays.
Solmetric PVA-1000S Features
  • Highest throughput
  • Best I-V accuracy
  • Best irradiance and temperature accuracy
  • Most reliable Go/No Go test limits
  • Longest wireless sensor range
  • Largest and brightest user interface
Solmetric PVA-1000S Specs
PV Voltage Range: 0-1000V
Current Range: 0-20A
Voltage Accuracy: ±0.5% ±0.25 V
Current Accuracy: ±0.5% ±40 mA
Voltage Resolution: 0.025 V
Current Resolution: 0.5 mA
Measurement Duration: 4s (typical)
I-V Sweep Duration: 80-240 ms
I-V Trace Points: 250 nominal
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50 °C