Tritec TRI-KA IV Curve Tracer Portable PV System Analysis Tool

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The TRI-KA IV Curve Tracer is the leading IV Curve Analyzer on the market. The TRIKA identifies the current voltage curves of individual photovoltaic modules or a string of modules. This state-of-the-art device is extremely portable and easily operated using its color touch screen.

The new TRI-KA not only identifies the current voltage curves of module strings, but also of individual photovoltaic modules. The I-U characteristic curve, output, short-circuit current and open-circuit voltage are recorded by a 16 bit processor. During each measurement the TRI-KA adjusts the measuring range and sample rate optimally. The device is easily and intuitively operated using the menus on the colour touch screen. The characteristic curve measured by the TRI-KA can be converted to a STC characteristic curve based on the values measured by the sensor TRI-SEN and displayed. In addition, the STC ideal characteristic curve of the manufacturer can be displayed, due to the integrated module data base.