Corning OptiVisor 400 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

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Rent Corning OptiVisor 400 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
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Corning OptiVisor 400
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OptiVisor 400 Datasheet
The Corning OptiVisor 400 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer provides testing flexibility by offering a rugged platform with field-interchangeable multimode and single-mode modules. All OTDR modules can be used as CW light source and are available with an optional visual fault locator (VFL) installed. An optional power meter is available on the OptiVisor 400 OTDR mainframe. The standard unit provides internal memory for storage of up to 700 traces using Microsoft® Windows® CE technology, eliminating the need for a hard drive. If extra storage capacity is needed, there is a 1.44 MB floppy drive on the mainframe along with a PCMCIA port.
Corning OptiVisor 400 Features
  • Rugged, splash-proof mainframe
  • Three operating modes: Auto, Advanced, Template Trace
  • 7.7-in color LCD touchscreen
  • FTTx ready
  • CW light source standard on all OTDR modules
  • OTSView software for report generation
  • Modules available with shortest event dead zone in the industry: 1 meter with 5 ns pulse width
  • Fast testing with full averaging in as little as 45 seconds; four times faster than industry standard
  • AC and battery operation
  • Sample points of up 128,000 resulting in better trace resolution