CPI TL05KO TWT RF Amplifier, 27.5-31 GHz 550W

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The CPI TL05KO TWT RF Amplifier has a frequency of 27.5-31 GHz and a peak power of 550W. This TWT peak/CW power amplifier allows for efficient and accurate testing. With up to 4.0 GHz in Ka-band frequency, the TL05KO is ideal for applications for fixed earth stations. The exterior is durable and waterproof. TL05KO is an air-cooled amplifier. The ethernet interface is user-friendly and comes with a web server, which helps technicians monitor and control the amplifier. The device also features a SNMP interface (v1, v2, or v3). The CPI TL05KO TWT RF Amplifier is ISO 9001:2015 certified and meets the safety standard EN-60215.