IFI T2618-50 Millimeter TWT Amplifier, 18 - 26.5GHz, 50Watt

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The IFI T2618-50 Millimeter TWT Amplifier is a traveling wave tube amplification device which operates on a frequency range of 18 GHz to 26.5 GHz and generates 50 W of power. Input / output impedence reads at 50 ohms, P1dB power is 25 W per minute and the unit weighs in at 45 lbs.

IFI T2618-50 test instruments deliver supreme radio frequency signal-boosting power, incorporating contemporary techniques to enhance the control and monitoring power of the technician.  A full array of RF and hardware protection systems including VSWR, voltage and overcurrent protection are built in to the unit, as are redundant thermal and airflow sensors to protect against the risk of overheating the system.

IFI T2618-50 amplifiers are modularly constructed, allowing for technicians to use them in conjunction in order to accomplish wider frequency bands and higher levels of rated power. A backlit LCD screen displays power indications, system status and self-diagnostic data, as well as an accessible RS-232 or IEEE-4888 interface.