IFI SMC1500 Solid State Amplifier 80 - 1000MHz, 1500W

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The IFI SMC1500 Solid State Amplifier is an RF amplifier that generates 1500W of power and operates over a frequency range of 80 - 1000MHz. IFI SMC1500 models are ideal for EMC testing and laboratory applications due to their conservative design, which allows the unit to operate below maximum ratings, increasing the lifespan and ruggedness of the amplifier. Sixth generation LDMOS transistor technology allows for high-quality testing performance, even approaching 1000MHz. Mechanically hostile environments present no threat to IFI SMC1500 operation, as each amplifier is protected by a shielded modular design, which marginalizes EMI signal leaks and offers convenient access to field service personnel. This in turn ensures quick turnaround at depot-level repair facilities.

The IFI SMC1500 is a part of the IFI SMC Solid State Amplifier Series.

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