Electro-Metrics EM-6924 Tunable Dipole Antenna Set

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The Electro-Metrics EM-6924 tuned dipole set is the reference antenna for FCC and VDE measurements in the 28 - 1000 MHz range. Results from other linearly polarized antennas in the certifications process must be correlated with the results obtained from a tuned dipole. Virtually identical to the actual antennas used by the FCC, the EMCO EM-6924 dipole set is deal for EMI testing and site attenuation measurements in accordance with both FCC part 15 and 18, as well as ANSI C63.4, VDE 0871 and 0875, and other EMI specifications. The EMCO EM-6924 provides tuned dipole coverage for the full range of radiated measurements to comply with the latest FCC and SAE specifications.