Narda IDA Directional Dipole Antenna 2, 3100/12

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The Narda IDA Directional Antenna 2, 3100/12 is a light and easy-to-handle dipole antenna that covers a frequency range from 200 MHz to 500 MHz making it a critical component for interference and spurious signal searches on all communications services within this band. IDA Directional Antenna 2 models also include the 433 MHZ ISM frequency. IDA Directional Antenna 2 models can be used from 200 MHz onwards. IDA 3100/12 antennas have a much more pronounced directivity compared to the frame antenna. They also provide high sensitivity with an antenna factor of typically 23 dB(1/m) at 300 to 400 MHz.

The directional characteristic of the Narda IDA Antenna 2, 3100/12 in the horizontal plane shows a relatively narrow lobe in the main direction and small minor lobes in the opposite direction. The vertical characteristic is a cardioid similar to that of the frame antenna.

The Narda IDA Directional Dipole Antenna 2, 3100/12 is compatible with the Narda IDA-3106 Interference and Direction Analyzer Base Unit