Empower 2208 Solid State Broadband High Power Amplifier

Rent Empower 2208 Solid State Broadband High Power Amplifier
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Empower 2208
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The Empower 2208 is a pulsed L band high power solid state power amplifier system suitable for octave bandwidth applications. This amplifier utilizes high power GaN devices. The amplifier architecture is based on Empowers proprietary scalable technology and consists of a 3RU controller with power supply and four 3RU RF power blocks and is air-cooled. In addition to scalability, this amplifiers is inherently rugged due to a design that virtually eliminates every internal connector found in the typical RF/Microwave system amplifier.

With a proprietary scalable architecture this amplifier can be split into two separate 4KW 2207’s with the purchase of only one 3U controller. More commonly you would start with the scalable 2206 or 2207 and add only 3U power blocks and combiner to create a 2208 when your future power requirements increase.

The amplifier comes standard with user selectable Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Automatic Level Control (ALC), and Manual Gain Control (MGC). The amplifier can be controlled via the LCD touch screen, peer to peer PC connection, or through LAN for remote monitoring, control, and diagnostics. The user GUI is easy to navigate and is accessed simply through your web browser with no software to install. The control system core runs an embedded OS (Linux) and has a built-in non-volatile memory for storing multiple user configurations.
Empower 2208 Features
  • Blanking Input
  • Solid-state GaN design
  • Compact Modular design
  • High Reliability and Ruggedness
Empower 2208 Specs
Operating Frequency, Instantaneous bandwidth 1000 - 2000 MHz
Power Output Peak 8000 Watt
Pulse Width @ Duty Cycle 10% Max 1 - 5 uS
Duty Cycle 0.1 - 10%
Power Droop over 50uS pulse Width 0.5 dB
Modulated Pulse Rise/Fall Time (10% to 90%) 70/70 nS
Input Power for Rated PPK 8KW 0 dBm
Input Power Range ± 5.0 dBm
Power Gain @ Rated PSAT 69 dB
Gain Adjustment Range 20 dB
Gain Flatness / Leveled ALC ±2.5 / ± 1.0 dB
Gain Stability/24HR ±0.25 dB
Input Return Loss -10 dB
Output Return Loss -7.5 dB
NPO – Noise Power Output -10 dBm/MHz
-110 dBm/MHz
Delay 400 nS
Spurious Signals -60 dBc
Operating Voltage – (single-phase, 47-63Hz) 260 Volt
Power Consumption @10% , POUT = 8KWPK 4000 Watts