Empower 2208 Solid State Pulse Amplifier 1 - 2 GHz, 8kW

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The Empower 2208 Solid State Pulse Amplifier is a 1-2 GHz, L-band amplifier which delivers 8 KW of rated power and is suitable for octave bandwidth applications. Empower 2208 pulse amplifiers utilize high power GaN devices. Their architecture is based on proprietary scalable technology developed by Empower consisting of a 3RU controller with a power supply and four 3RU RF power blocks. In addition to scalability, Empower 2208 amplifiers are inherently rugged due to a design that eliminates virtually every internal connector risk found in the typical RF/Microwave system amplifier.

The Empower 2208 comes standard with user selectable Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Automatic Level Control (ALC), and Manual Gain Control (MGC). The amplifier can be controlled via the LCD touch screen, peer to peer PC connection, or through LAN for remote monitoring, control, and diagnostics. The user GUI is easy to navigate and is accessed simply through your web browser with no software to install. The 2208's model control system cores run an embedded OS (Linux) and offer a built-in non-volatile memory for storing multiple user configurations.