Espec BTZ-133 Thermal Chamber

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The Espec BTZ-133 Thermal Chamber provides an economical and space-saving solution for a variety of testing requirements. Featuring an extended temperature range, the BTZ-133 makes testing at extreme conditions possible without buying a larger, stand-alone chamber. The 1.5 cubic foot workspace on the Espec BTZ-133 temperature chamber is the largest to be found in a benchtop unit, while requiring less footprint than even smaller comparable chambers. 
The Espec BTZ-133 thermal chamber can cycle temperatures at rates up to 5°C/minute without requiring liquid nitrogen. Significant test time can be saved, as well as creating added thermal stress on your samples. To demonstrate performance, Espec uses the international standard IEC 60068 3-5 measured at the supply air. Temperature cycles are run from hot to cold extremes, and the middle 80% of the transition is timed to determine performance. Your actual cycling results will vary depending on methodology, including the start and end temperatures, and the number of samples loaded.

The Espec BTZ-133 is part of the BTZ Series.