Espec Thermal Chamber BTZ Platinous Series

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The Espec Thermal Chamber BTZ Platinous Series consists of compact chambers with extended testing ranges, intelligent ventilation systems, and dynamic designs. With many options, these products can be configured to accommodate the specific requirements of the test demands. The chamber has a narrow footprint, which saves space in lab environments. All models in the Espec thermal chamber BTZ Series have a 19.5-inch-wide interior while having a 20% narrower exterior in comparison to traditional benchtops. The refrigeration system ventilates out the top and utility connections are on the sides, allowing for easy installation against any wall. The electrical system is located behind the hinged control panel to alter settings with ease.

Capabilities of the Espec thermal chamber BTZ Series are varied, with units available that can make fast temperature changes. Along with some models being able to reach temperatures as low as -70°C, the humidity range is 10-95%. Espec uses the IEC 60068 3-5 standard to power the temperature cycle technology that makes these products effective and reliable. Keep in mind actual cycling results will vary depending on the methodology, start and end temperatures, and the number of samples loaded.

The Espec Thermal Chamber BTZ Platinous series includes the BTZ-133 and BTZ-475 Thermal Chambers.