Espec SU-240 Bench-Top Temperature Chamber

Espec SU-240 Bench-Top Temperature & Humidity Chamber
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Datasheet Specifications


Temperature Range -104°F to 266°F (-40°C to 130°C)
Temperature Heat-up Rate -104°F to 266°F (-40°C to 130°C) within 70 minutes
Temperature Pull-down Rate 68°F to -104°F (20°C to -40°C) within 70 minutes
Inside Dimensions 11.8" W X 11.8" H X 9.4" D (30 cm W X 30 cm H X 24 mm D) (excluding protrusions)
Outside Dimensions 17.3" W X 27.2" H X 29.1" D (44 cm W X 69 cm H X 74 cm D) (excluding protrusions)
Weight 176.4 lbs. (80 kg)