Fluke 7381 Deep-Well Compact Bath

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The Fluke 7381 Deep-Well Compact Bath allows for deep immersion depth and reliable temperature stability in a condensed size. The 7381 may be considered a compact bath, but it still contains an excellent volume of 15.9 liters (4.2 gallons). And even with the Fluke 7381's relatively small size, the bath maintains a wide range of high and low temperatures, from -80°C to +110 °C.

This deep-well compact bath contains a tank that reaches 457 mm (18 inches) deep, which can handle a variety of long-stem PRTs, SPRTs, and other liquid-in-glass (LIG) thermometers. The Fluke 7381 compact bath will also quickly stabilize in a time of 15-20 minutes, running with very little noise while at a set temperature. When reaching temperatures as low as –80 °C, the Fluke 7381 calibrator keeps the stability of ± 0.006 °C, and that stability stays at ± 0.005°C when the temperature gets to 100°C.