Fluke 9190A Ultra-Cool Field Metrology Well

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The Fluke 9190A Ultra-Cool Field Metrology Well is accurate and stable with cold temperature dry block. It's ideal for applications that demand strict quality control and regulatory process compliance, including on-location validation and calibration of RTDs, thermocouples, thermometers, and more.

The Fluke 9190A Ultra-Cool Field Metrology Well is an ideal choice for clean rooms, featuring a wide temperature range for the coldest and highest temperature ranges required for pharmaceutical, biomedical, and food processing applications. The Fluke 9190A is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport. The Fluke 9190A cooling and heating times are faster than a calibration bath for efficient testing.

The 9190A Ultra-Cool Field Metrology Well incorporates the best technology and design expertise from decades of dry-block development experience. This device conforms with EURAMET CG-13 guidelines for best measurement practices for temperature block calibrators. Technicians can be assured that the 9190A specifications for accuracy, stability, axial (vertical) uniformity, radial (well-to-well) uniformity, loading, and hysteresis have been thoroughly and carefully defined and tested.