Fluke 675 Ethernet & Token Ring LanMeter

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Fluke 675 Ethernet & Token Ring LanMeter
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Fluke 675 Ethernet & Token Ring LanMeter Fluke 675 Ethernet & Token Ring LanMeter
Fluke Networks 675
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Ethernet & Token Ring LanMeter
Fluke Networks 675 Features
  • Network Statistics: Shows Utilization, Errors and Broadcasts
  • Error Statistics: Shows the defected errors by type and error count
  • Protocol Mix: Shows a percentage-ranked listing of the top seven protocols
  • Collision Analysis: the amount and type of collisions detected is shown
  • Token Rotation: calculates the time required for the token to travel completely around the ring
  • "Top" Tests: Top Senders, Receivers, and Broadcasters show a percentage ranked listing of the top seven stations indicated by MAC address
  • Hardware Tests: the hardware tests permit network components such as hubs, MAUs and NICs to be tested
  • Expert-T: a unique comprehensive test that allows the LANMeter to be connected in series between a station and hub or MAU
  • NIC Autotest
  • Hub/MAU tests
  • Phase Jitter
  • Cable Tests: these tests measure cable lengths, detect opens and shorts, distance to fault, characteristic impedance, split pairs, and other wiring problems
  • Traffic Generation: traffic generation is used to stress test network components, often revealing media, and other physical layer problems
  • Novell Tests
    • The Novell tests allow for diagnosing NetWare problems by verifying client and server connectivity across IPX routers, monitoring NetWare statistics, and routing, and keeping track of the top traffic contributors with the IPX traffic
    • Server List: shows a list of servers, along with IPX address and response time. Selectable encapsulation
    • NetWare Ping: shows the IPX address, IPX network number, and response time
    • File & Packet Statistics: shows statistical information about file requests, print requests, routed packets, and delays.
  • Routing Analysis: shows the percentage of routed traffic on the local segment - vital information for load-balancing
  • TCP/IP Tests: these tests allow for diagnosing IP related problems by verifying connectivity across IP routers, monitoring ICMP statistics, and keeping track of the top IP traffic contributors
  • ICMP Monitor: shows the count of the key IP events detected including; Redirect, Destination Unreachable, and Time Exceeded
  • ICMP Ring: shows the IP address, MAC address, and response time
  • Data Storage and Printing
    • Data log
    • Print screen
    • Station Lists