Tektronix BSA Series BERTScope Bit Error Rate Tester

Rent Tektronix BSA Series BERTScope Bit Error Rate Tester
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Tektronix Test Equipment BSA Series
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The Tektronix BERTScope Bit Error Rate Tester Series provides a new approach to signal integrity measurements of serial data systems. Perform bit error rate detection more quickly, accurately, and thoroughly by bridging eye diagram analysis with BER pattern generation. The BERTScope Bit Error Rate Tester Series enable you to easily isolate problematic bit and pattern sequences, then analyze further with advanced error analysis that deliver unprecedented statistical measurement depth.

Tektronix BSA Features:

  • Integrated, calibrated stress generation to address the stressed receiver sensitivity and clock recovery jitter tolerance test requirements for a wide range of standards
    • Sinusoidal jitter to 100 MHz
    • Random jitter
    • Bounded, uncorrelated jitter
    • Sinusoidal interference
    • Spread spectrum clocking
    • PCIe 2.0 & 3.0 receiver testing
    • F/2 jitter generation for 8xFC and 10GBASE-KR testing
    • IEEE802.3ba & 32G fibre channel testing
  • Electrical stressed eye testing for
    • PCI express
    • 10/40/100 Gb Ethernet
    • SFP+/SFI
    • OIF/CEI
    • Fibre channel (FC8, FC16, FC32)
    • SATA
    • USB 3.0 
    • InfiniBand (SDR, QDR, FDR, EDR)
  • Tolerance compliance template testing with margin testing
  • Integrated eye diagram analysis with BER correlation

Tektronix BSA Applications:

  • Design verification including signal integrity, jitter, and timing analysis
  • Design characterization for high-speed, sophisticated designs
  • Certification testing of serial data streams and high performance Networking systems
  • Design/Verification of high-speed I/O components and systems
  • Signal integrity analysis – mask testing, jitter peak, BER contour, jitter map, and q-factor analysis
  • Design/Verification of optical transceivers