Tektronix DG2020 Data Timing Generator

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Tektronix DG2020 Data Timing Generator
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Tektronix Test Equipment DG2020
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DG2020 Datasheet
The DG2020 digital data generator is used to replicate valid, marginal and erroneous digital conditions that a design could encounter. The Tektronix DG2020 is a very useful data generator for a hardware design engineer performing functional test, debug, or characterization on digital subsystems, circuit boards or components.
Tektronix Test Equipment DG2020 Features
  • 200 Mbits/s maximum output data rate - Up to 64 K words/channel data word length
  • Up to 36 output channels in 12-channel increments
  • Up to 12 independent variable delay output (20 ns, 100 ps minimum resolution)
  • Output level
  • Flexible sequence control and data jump
  • Try-state control
  • Powerful and easy-to-use data built-in editor
  • Data import from various instrument and other source