Frankonia CIT-1000 Conducted Immunity Test System

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The Frankonia CIT-1000 Conducted Immunity Test System builds on the quality of the CIT-10 and adds an extended frequency range of 10 kHz to 1200 MHz. This system comes with integrated touchscreen technology as well as integrated directional coupler and power-meter for forward and reverse power measurement. Some features of the Frankonia CIT-1000 include its integrated amplifier, control software, and temperature measuring input for control and display of the BCI-clamp temperature.

The Frakonia CIT-1000 is compatible with USB, LAN, and GPIB interfaces and performs stand-alone operation at a high level when connected to a PC. Coming in at 48 x 25 x 51.5 mm dimensions and weighing 18 kg, the system is portable and capable of fitting into many workspaces. The signal generator and RF power meter can also be used for radiated immunity tests.