Amplifier Research CI00400A RF Conducted Immunity System

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The Model CI00400A is a fully self-contained state of the art system designed to test RF Conducted Immunity. The system contains a signal generator, 3 channel power meter, 100W nominal AR amplifier 10kHz to 400MHz, directional coupler, and emcware® control software. Everything is contained in a single housing, which eliminates setup issues. This system provides the versatility needed for every test laboratory and equipment manufacturer. The RF amplifier and the signal generator can be used independently of the system. If special needs arise or standards were to change a larger amplifier can be connected to the system. The use of spectrum analyzers and monitoring equipment may also be controlled by the software.

Option 1 adds an additional power head for testing automotive standards such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, BMW, Renault, and ISO11452-4. Option 2 adds data acquisition capability. Option 3 provides a laptop PC preloaded with the test software. Option 4 is a lower cost solution providing all the functions and features of the full CI00400A base model without the cost of the internal amplifier.
  • 1: Additional power head to add the ability to monitor reverse power
  • 2: Data acquisition card.
  • 3: Laptop PC with software preinstalled
  • 4: Amplifier removed; requires use of external amplifier