AE Techron 3110 Standards Waveform Generator

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The AE Techron 3110  is a standards waveform generator which generates ripple wave forms of up to 300 kHz and equips technicians with a vast library of automotive and aviation test standards, holding a max capacity of 300,000 tests. AE Techron 3110 models can be combined with other AE Techron products to quickly create a wide range of powerful and intelligent EMC test solutions. All tests, which produce standard signals and waveforms with or without a DC offset, can be modified and saved for future use in the 3110’s library. Frequency, amplitude and DC offset can be fixed or swept, and sweeps can be linear, logarithmic or exponential (Logarithmic sweep available for sine, ripple and DC offset waveforms only). This waveform generator can create dropouts and surges with rise and fall times under 1 µs. Individual signal duration can be as short as 50 µs or as long as 49 days. The AE Techron 3110 offers an accessible interface rendering the building of complex tests containing repeating waveforms with up to four variables concurrently changing a simple process. Tests with non-linear or equation-driven frequency/ voltage/duration increments also can be created automatically using the csv import function. In addition, tests can be imported from the 3110 library and linked to form multi-test programs that can also be set to repeat, loop or wait for a trigger.

Combined with the 7224 and 7228 models of AE Techron amplifiers, users can achieve all standards in the tab below. View the complete library of aviation and automotive standards available on the AE Techron 3110 in the Supplemental Document link beneath the Datasheet on the left.