AEN 134: OTDR Testing Basic


IEC 60255: Electrical Relays

Products Used in Testing:

EM TEST EM Test UCS 500N5E EFT/Burst Generator, 5.5kV

The EM Test UCS 500N5E EFT/Burst Generator, is a new dedicated EFT/Burst generator based on the successful UCS 500N series of ultra-compact simulators. Offering all the benefits of the well-known UCS 500N5 it is designed as a...

Haefely Haefely PIM 150 Oscillating Wave Module for IEC 61000-4-12 & ANSI C37.90.1

IEC 61000-4-18 and ANSI C37.90 describe an oscillating wave generator with defined open circuit waveforms parameters. The oscillating wave, also called a “damped sine” is used to test the immunity of electronic...