High Voltage TD-65E Tan Delta Cable Tester

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The High Voltage TD-65E Tan Delta Cable Tester is designed to perform Tan Delta testing on 5 to 35kV primary cables in accordance to standards like IEEE 400, IEEE 400.2, IEEE 433, DIN VDE 0276, CENELEC HD620 S1, NEETRAC CDFI and more. High Voltage TD-65E Tan Delta Cable Tester devices are designed to synchronize and communicate wirelessly with the VLF-65E to form a complete cable diagnostic system. A built-in XBee protocol accomplishes this connection, and together the two systems offer high end features such as wireless communication, data acquisition, and report generation using the supplied E-Link PC software. Tan Delta testing is a non-destructive diagnostic test performed to measure the degree of deterioration of shielded MV/HV cable insulation. The results reveal how contaminated, damaged, or water-tree strewn the insulation has become. Tan Delta testing is performed with the cable off-line where an AC power source, in this case a very low frequency (0.1Hz) hipot, provides the test voltage to the cable while the Tan Delta device records the results; the test voltage is increased in steps while readings are monitored to avoid possible cable failure should the TD numbers indicate severe degradation. High Voltage TD-65E models are essential tools for technicians desiring to conduct this testing quickly and efficiently.