High Voltage Inc. VLF-65E Portable VLF Hipot

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The High Voltage Inc. VLF-65E Portable VLF Hipot is a cutting-edge VLF AC hipot with an output power up to 65 kV. The VLF-65E is ideal for completing 5 kV to 35 kV cable acceptance, withstand and diagnostic testing that adheres to IEEE 400.2-2013. High Voltage VLF-65E hipot devices are air-cooled with a microprocessor-controlled solid state design. Engineers can program test sequences, conduct wireless communications, retrieve data and manually or automatically select the instrument’s load-based output frequency.

High Voltage VLF-65E models come with E-Link software pre-installed, which allows engineers to operate the hipot via a wireless remote with the optional TD-65E Tan Delta accessory. The software also can export custom-generated reports and test data to a .csv file. Wirelessly communicate with your device though the XBee protocol, considered to be more reliable than Bluetooth. 

View the High Voltage Inc. VLF E Series

View the High Voltage Inc. VLF Series