IFI ANT-BHA Series Broadband Gain Horn Antennas

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The IFI BHA-Series of broadband Gain Horn Antennas are broadband antennas and in some cases operate over multi-octave frequency ranges. These high-power broadband horn antennas operate over the 200 MHz to 40 GHz frequency range. BHA series horn antennas are linearly polarized and designed to provide strong electric field strength (V/m). The antennas offer low VSWR (1.5:1 max.), and some models are for high power handling capability.

ANT-BHA model RF microwave broadband gain horn antennas are ideal for EMC testing (radiated susceptibility testing) and other applications. The BHA-Series are manufactured from aluminum so they are lightweight and durable. The antennas where applicable come with tripod mounting capability for quick and easy implementation during testing.