IRD Model 258V Series II Vibration Analyzer Kit

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The IRD Model 258V Series II Vibration Analyzer Kit includes a vibration analyzer with a 0.16 Hz to 40 kHz frequency range and 100 – 25,600 lines of resolution. IRD Model 258V Series II kits contain a single tool that performs a range of maintenance, inspection service and diagnostic functions. The functionality of the Model 258V Series II can be expanded by adding an optional balancing bump test, compliance check and other software modules. The interface simplifies the assessment of the motion between two positions by providing the phase angle between the vibration signals. 

Model Features
E00350-1.2 2-Channel Vibration Analyzer
Tachometer & Balancing Included
E00354-3 3-Channel Vibration Analyzer
Triaxial Accelerometer & Balancing Included