Keysight 11570A, 50 OHM Accessory Kit

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The Keysight 11570A (formerly Agilent Technologies), accessory kit allows measurements in a 50 ohm system using the high-impedance probes of the standard 85081B. The kit contains two 11536A 50 ohm tees with 50 ohm type-N connectors for monitoring signals on 50 ohm transmission lines, one 11549A 50 ohm power splitter with type-N female connectors, one 908A 50 ohm termination with type-N male connectors, and one 11512A shorting plug with type-N male connectors.

Keysight 11570A, 50 OHM Accessory Kits were previously manufactured by Agilent Technologies.

  • 50 ohm Tee
  • 50 ohm Power splitter
  • 50 ohm Termination