Maury Microwave 8650CK10 Calibration Kit

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The Maury Microwave 8650CK10 Calibration Kit is a fixed load SOLT (DC–18.0 GHz) VNA calibration tester. The Maury Microwave 8650CK10 is designed to help perform SOLT calibration, which uses Short, Open and Load standards and requires precise models of the standards’ electrical performance. Fixed load SOLT uses fixed terminations and is adequate for measuring devices with mid-range reflection coefficients. The lowest return loss is limited by the reflection coefficient of the fixed load standard (typically better than 20 dB return loss). Imperfections exist in even the finest test equipment. If not corrected these systematic imperfections cause the equipment to yield less accurate measurements. The basis of network analyzer error correction is referred to as “calibration”, for which multiple methods exist - one of them is SOLT, for which the Maury Microwave 8650CK10 is ideal.