Keysight 6475C DC Power Supply, 110 V, 100 Amp

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HP/Agilent 6475C DC Power Supply
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Keysight 6475C
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The Keysight 6475C SCR-regulated power supply is designed for medium to high power applications requiring a fixed or variable dc source with moderate regulation and ripple.

All power supplies in this series are of the constant voltage/constant current type. Large easy-to-read panel meters continuously monitor output voltage current.

Input and output power; remote sensing; remote programming; and auto-series, parallel, and tracking connections are made to bus bars and terminal blocks on the rear panel.

Keysight 6475C Specs
DC Output 0 - 110 Volts; 0 - 100 Amps
Load Effect Voltage: 0.05% + 100mV
Current: 0.1% +0.1A
Source Effect Voltage: 0.005% + 100mV
Current: 0.1% + 0.1APARDA rms/p-p: 200mV/2V
Temp. Coefficient 0.03% + 6mV
Drift 0.15% + 20mV