Keysight 66311B Mobile Communications DC Power Source

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HP/Agilent 66311B Mobile Communications DC Source
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Keysight 66311B
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66311B Datasheet
The Keysight 66311B Mobile Communications DC Source is a specialized dc power source for the design and test of digital wireless appliances. This model offers dc sourcing, current sinking, fast transient response, and measurement capabilities. This specialized power supply is designed for the unique challenges of simulating batteries and battery packs and measuring the current being drawn by the device under test.
Keysight 66311B Specs
Number of outputs 1
Output ratings  
Voltage 0 to 15 V
Current 0 to 3 A
Peak current for up to 7 ms 5 A
Programming accuracy
at 25°C ±5°C 
(% of setting plus fixed)
Voltage 0.05%+ 10 mV
+Current 0.05%+ 1.33 mA
Ripple and Noise
(20 Hz to 20 MHz)
Voltage (rms/p-p) 1 mV/6 mV
Current (rms) 2 mA
dc measurement accuracy  
Voltage  0.03%+ 5 mV
+20 mA to + rated current 0.2%+ 0.5 mA
-20 mA to - rated current 0.2%+  1.1 mA
 -20 mA to + 20 mA 0.1%+ 2.5 µA
Dynamic measurement system a
Buffer size 4096 points
Sampling interval 15 µs - 31,200s
Transient response time <35 µs
Transient voltage dip
(typical with up to 
15 feet 22 AWG wiring)
70 mV