Keysight 6681A 5000 Watts DC Power Supply, 8V 580 Amps

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HP/Agilent 6681A 5000W DC Power Supply
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HP/Agilent 6681A 5000W DC Power Supply HP/Agilent 6681A 5000W DC Power Supply
Keysight 6681A
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6681A Datasheet Accessory Kit

This Single-Output, 5000 W, GPIB Keysight 6681A dc power suppy has the exceptional, proven reliability that test system engineers look for. It also has the features needed for easy test system integration.

Programming of the DC output and the extensive protection features can be done either from the front panel or using industry standard SCPI commands, via the GPIB. Using the serial link, up to 16 power supplies can be connected through one GPIB address. Test system integration can be further simplified by using the VXI Plug&Play drivers. The output voltage and currentcan also be controlled with analog signals. This is helpful for certain types of noisy environments, and also immediate reactions to process changes.

The Keysight 6681A DC Power Supply has extremely low ripple and noise for a 5000 watt dc power supply. This helps the built-in measurement system make extremely accurate current and voltage measurements. Selectable compensation is provided for problem-free powering of inductive loads.

Option 208: DC power supply 180-235V, 3 phase AC, 50/60Hz INPUT (use with power cord opt 861)

Keysight 6681A Specs
Number of outputs 1
Output ratings
Voltage 0 to 8 V
(40°C then derate linearly 1%/°C
from 40°C to 55°C)
0 to 580 A
Programming accuracy at 25°C ±5°C
Voltage (0.04% +) 8 mV
Current (0.1% +) 300 mA
Ripple and noise constant voltage mode from 20 Hz to 20 MHz
rms 1.5 mV
Peak to peak 10 mV
Readback accuracy at 25°C ±5°C (percent of reading plus fixed)
Voltage (0.05% +) 12 mV
Current (0.1% +) 400 mA
Load and line regulation
Voltage (0.002% +) 0.3 mV
Current (0.005% +) 40 mA
Transient response time

Less than 900 µs for the output voltage to recover within 150 mV following a change in load from 100% to 50%, or 50% to 100% of the output current rating of the supply

Ripple and noise constant current mode from 20 Hz to 20 MHz

rms 190 mA
Average programming resolution
Voltage 2.15 mV
Current 155 mA
OVP 45 mV
Output voltage programming response time 12 ms
(excludes command-processing time) Full-load programming rise or fall time (10 to 90% or 90 to 10%, resistive load)

Output common-mode noise current (to signal-ground binding post)

rms 1.5 mA
peak-to-peak 10 mA