Keysight 6690A 6600 Watts DC Power Supply 15 Volt 440 Amp

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HP/Agilent 6690A Power Supply
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Keysight 6690A
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6690A Datasheet
Option 208: DC power supply 180-235V, 3 phase AC, 50/60Hz INPUT (use with power cord opt 861)
Keysight 6690A Features
  • Low ripple & noise
  • Fast up-and-down programming
  • High accuracy current programming and read back
  • Industry standard SCPI programming commands
  • Analog programming
  • Analog monitoring
  • Parallel connection for more current output
  • Full protection from overcurrent, overvoltage overtemperature
  • Remote sense
  • Electronic calibration
Keysight 6690A Specs
Output Ratings
Voltage 0-15 V
Current 0-440 A
Ripple & Noise
Constant Voltage: rms 2.5 mV
Constant Voltage:p-p 15 mV
Constant Current:rms 200 mA
>Readback Accuracy
Voltage: 22.5 mV
± Current: 300 mA
Load Regulation
Voltage: 650 μV
Current: 40 mA