Keysight E3615A Power Supply 60 Watt

HP/Agilent E3615A 60W Power Supply, 20V
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Keysight E3615A
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The E3600-series of low-cost benchtop power supplies give you the performance of system power supplies without the high price. All E3600 family members give you clean power with dependable regulation and fast transient response.

The Keysight E3615A 60 watt power supply is used when you need a hefty power supply for your bench with clean, stable power. In addition to constant current and constant voltage modes, you get adjustable overvoltage protection, remote analog programming, front/rear output terminals and remote sensing that automatically compensates for voltage drops.

Keysight E3615A Features
  • 20V, 3A, 60W Single output
  • Constant voltage (CV) and Constant current (CC) modes
  • Front and rear output terminals
  • Auto-parallel, Auto-series and Auto-tracking operation
  • 10 turn voltage and current adjust potentiometers
  • Overvoltage protection, remote analog programming, and remote sensing