Keysight E5080A ENA Vector Network Analyzer

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The Keysight E5080A ENA Vector Network Analyzer is an RF analysis tool that operates at frequencies between 9 kHz and 9 GHz with the choice of 2 or 4 port test sets. The E5080A allows technicians to examine high-blocking DUT such filters with high-precision accuracy, due to its 10 dB larger dynamic range. The Keysight E5080A measurement speed is increased thanks to a significantly broader IF bandwidth. When measuring low-loss components like filter passbands, the Keysight E5080A's extremely low trace noise helps reduce mistakes and the accompanying test margin. The key features of PNA and ENA devices have been combined in Keysight E5080A versions.

The Keysight E5080A is versatile in its capabilities, streamlines measurement while testing antennas, filters, cables, balanced/differential components, amplifiers, and mixers, and is ideal for device analysis in R&D and manufacturing contexts. The E5080A ENA is made to have the least amount of temperature drift when exposed to temperature changes in the environment. High-volume manufacturers can reduce calibration time and related downtime within the ENA Vector Network Analyzer because of the greater measurement stability. The E5080A can monitor and collect test data for 401 testing points in roughly 3 ms. This feature is an improvement from earlier models in measurement and testing speed. Keysight E5080A systems are compatible with E5071C/8753-code and have an intuitive, high-resolution 12.1" touchscreen display that makes the interface user-friendly for technicians to use.