Keysight N5230C PNA-L Microwave Network Analyzer

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The Keysight N5230C PNA-L is a microwave network analyzer designed to perform S-parameter and simple nonlinear tests on amplifiers, passive components, and frequency converters. Keysight N5230C PNA-L analyzers operate over a frequency range of 300 kHz to 20 GHz, feature 2 or 4 ports with built-in sources and offer a 110 dB system / 122 dB receiver dynamic range. Test engineers rely on the Keysight N5230C to perform mixed-mode S-parameter measurements without having to worry about the limitations of balun use, as well as a variety of manufacturing and R&D applications. PNA-L microwave network analyzers are ideal for general purpose network analysis, providing users with the same core firmware as the PNA, but with a few modifications. The PNA-L series is also compatible with a software that simplifies the process of choosing performance levels to match your application and budget.

The N5230C was previously manufactured as the Agilent N5230C PNA-L Microwave Network Analyzer.