Keysight N5230C PNA-L Microwave Network Analyzer

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The Keysight N5230C PNA-L is a microwave network analyzer made to test amplifiers, passive parts, and frequency converters using S-parameters and basic nonlinearity. The Keysight N5230C has a 110 dB system / 122 dB receiver dynamic range. The N5230C has a 300 kHz to 20 GHz frequency range and has 2 or 4 ports with built-in sources. With the Keysight N5230C, engineers may do mixed-mode S-parameter measurements without worrying about the restrictions of using a balun, as well as several production and R&D applications. The Keysight N5230C is equipped with an easy-to-use 8.4-inch LCD color touchscreen display. The N5230C is compatible with software that makes it easier to select performance levels that fit your application. Agilent previously produced the N5230C as the PNA-L Microwave Network Analyzer.