Keysight E8361C PNA Microwave Network Analyzer

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The Keysight E8361C PNA Microwave Network Analyzer performs general purpose network analysis over a frequency range of 10MHz to 67GHz and features optional software and hardware for multiport, pulsed-RF, and other customizations. The Keysight E8361C offers high output power and a wide power-sweep range, ideal for testing passive and active devices, such as filters or amplifiers. 

The Keysight Microwave Network Analyzer has a 26 usec/point measurement speed while testing up to 32 channels with 20,001 points. There are also options for testing mixers, harmonics, intermodulation distortion (IMD), pulsed-RF, antennas, and millimeter-wave components. With 94 dB of dynamic range and <0.006 dB trace noise, the Keysight E8361C PNA Microwave Network Analyzer provides an accurate true-mode stimulus for balanced measurements. 

The Keysight E8361C PNA Microwave Network Analyzer also offers exceptional flexibility, allowing signal routing (via internal switches) for adding external filters, pre-amplifiers, and additional test equipment. This E8361C Analyzer is equipped with a large 10.4 inch touch-screen display with click-and-drag markers and a zoom function, featuring a user-friendly operating interface. The Keysight E8361C model was previously manufactured as the Agilent E8361C PNA Microwave Network Analyzer.