Keysight 6034A 200 Watt System DC Power Supply

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As an autoranging power supply, the Keysight 6034A can provide maximum rated power over a wide range of voltage and current without the operator having to program the proper range. The 6034A DC power supply has a combination of features and specifications that characterize it as a comprehensive solution to HP-IB system power supply applications. The Keysight 6034A combines FEt switching technology with an internal microprocessor-based HP-IB programmer to achieve the first bidirectional programmable autoranging dc power supply.

The Keysight 6034A DC power supply has eight status parameters that can be read back via the HP-IB to enhance system versatility. These status parameters permit identification of the operational mode and fault conditions of the 6034A. They can also be used to initiate corrective action for fault conditions without operator intervention.

Keysight 6034A instruments were previously manufactured by Agilent Technologies.