Magna-Power MSD300-240 DC Power Supply, 300 Volts, 240 Amps

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MSD Series models have one-hundred memory states available to program voltage, current, over voltage trip, over current trip, and time period. Set points can be auto sequenced with time or external triggering. Special programming codes allow repeating to create a power function generator. The first 10 memory states are displayed on the front panel to simplify programming tasks. MSD Series power supplies offer an analog input to modulate the voltage or current setting using piecewise linear approximation. This feature enables the voltage or current setting to be adjusted by a sensor input, such as a thermistor, or by monitoring its own voltage or current. Modulation allows the output to be tailored for advanced process control applications, battery charging, and source emulation. MS Series models utilizing the C Version front panel, MSC, only allow control from the rear connector or with RS232, optional IEEE-488, or optional Ethernet communications. These models are intended for process control applications where front panel controls and displays are not required or desired.