Magna-Power MSD32-2250/480+LXI Programmable DC Power Supply

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The Magna-Power MSD32-2250/480+LXI is a powerful and efficient programmable DC power supply that maintains precise accuracy in all measurements. With a max voltage of 32 Vdc and a max current of 2250 Adc, the MSD32-2250/480+LXI delivers DC power in a cost-effective model. The MSD32-2250/480+LXI DC Power Supply has a power level of 75 kW and an input voltage of 480 Vac, promising efficiency of 89% for all uses.

With the optional LXI upgrade, this power supply can also be fully controlled through an integrated TCP/IP Ethernet interface for flexible controls with a user-friendly interface. The Magna-Power MSD32-2250/480+LXI DC Power Supply guarantees a transient response that's both fast and reliable, along with programmable protection limits for safe usage.