Magna-Power MTA800 Series DC Power Supplies

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MT Series power supplies have extensive diagnostic functions–all of which, when activated, take command to shut down the system. Diagnostic functions include phase loss, excessive thermal conditions, over voltage trip, over current trip, circuit breaker tripping, and program line. Program line monitors externally applied analog set point signals to ensure they are within the specified range. Upon a diagnostic fault condition, main power is disconnected and the diagnostic condition is latched into memory. Pressing the clear key clears the memory. All diagnostic functions can be monitored through a rear connector.

MT Series power supplies contain circuitry to work harmoniously with other power equipment. Step-start contactors are used to keep inrush current below full scale operating current. Filter components lower current harmonic content emanating from the power supply and increase power factor to levels beyond 90%. Every power supply is tested at 90% to 125% nominal line to insure satisfactory operation even under the worst line voltage conditions.