Magna Power PQA 600 Volt,16 Amp, High Power Water Cooled DC Power Supply

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The Magna Power PQA 600 Volt,16 Amp, High Power Water Cooled DC Power Supply Has Been Replaced By Newer Models.

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The Magna Power PQA 600 Volt,16 Amp,9.6 kW DC Power Supply combines the best of dc power processing with multiprocessor embedded control. A combination of high and medium frequency power processing technologies improves response, shrinks package size, and reduces cost. The PQD600-5/208 power supply is current fed and is more tolerant to abusive loads than conventional switching power supplies.

The PQA600-16 water cooled power supply offers both master/slave parallel and series operation. This enables two or more power supplies to be placed in parallel for increased output current or in series for increased output voltage. With master/slave operation, power supplies operate at near equal voltage and current.

The Magna Power PQA600-16 power supply can operate as a voltage source or current source depending on the control settings and load conditions. If the power supply is operating as a voltage source and the load increases to a point beyond the current command setting, the power supply automatically crosses over to current mode control and operates as a current source at that setting.

The PQA600-16 high power dc power supply utilizes the A Version front panel, PQA, provide stepless analog control from front panel potentiometers. With simple configuration changes, voltage, current, over voltage trip, and over current trip may be programmed from the rear connector or by RS232 communications. RS232 communications is embedded in the control circuitry allowing full computer control with SCPI commands. An optional IEEE-488 to RS232 converter, Ethernet to RS232 converter, and other communications converters are available to echo commands over the communications bus. PQA SERIES power supplies are well suited for industrial applications requiring a minimum of control.
  • Custom output voltage
  • IEEE-488 Interface
  • Ethernet Interface
  • USB Interface
  • EMI Filter