Magna Power SX500-100 Programmable Power Source

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The Magna Power SX500-100 is a three-phase SCR power source offering a DC output voltage of 500V, an output current of 100A and an AC input current of 170A. Magna Power SX500-100 devices are fully programmable as to their resistance, voltage and current and are sought out by technicians to fulfill IEEE-488 and RS232 requirements. This power supply features automatic crossover circuitry switches, giving technicians the ability to alternate from a supply of constant voltage to constant current once the output circuitry exceeds a preset limit. This crossover circuitry also protects load devices in the system from over voltage during constant current operation. Magna Power SX500-100 power supplies offer three levels of over voltage protection: shutdown of controlling thyristors, disconnect of main power and optional SCR crowbar. Differential amplifiers isolate programming lines from DC output, allowing for programming at any distance from the load. Diagnostic functions are monitored with optical isolators to be paralleled for master/slave operation.