Magna Power TQ1000-150 DC Power Supply 1000 V, 250 A

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The Magna Power TQ1000-150 DC Power Supply 1000 V, 250 A is fully programmable via resistance, voltage, current, optional IEEE-488, or optional RS232. Program lines are constantly monitored for range of operation. If a line should open or if a programmable input is set beyond that anticipated, the unit safely shuts down protecting the load. Diagnostic functions are contained directly within the supply's control loop.

Exclusive circuitry eliminates guesswork as to which function has control – voltage, current, soft-start, or a fault condition. If the fault condition requires user attention, mains power is disconnected. All diagnostic functions are monitored with optical isolators to be paralleled for master/slave operation. In addition, control functions are also set through optical isolators to allow simultaneous control of one or more TQ series units. TQ series supplies have three levels of over voltage protection: shutdown of the controlling thyristors, disconnect of the main power, and optional SCR crowbar. Upon an over voltage condition, the supply must be reset forcing the user to observe the over voltage setting.