Magna-Power TSA2000 Series DC Power Supplies

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The Magna-Power TSA2000 DC Power Supply is part of the TS series, noted for their high power density, efficiency, and wide voltage and current range. Not only are Magna-Power TSA2000's designed with effectiveness in mind but safety is an apparent priority as well. This is through the three levels of over current and voltage protection: shutdown of controlling insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT’s), disconnect of main power, and input fuses.

The Magna Power TSA2000's power quality can be attributed to its circuitry, allowing it to work harmoniously with other power equipment. Every TSA2000 power supply is tested at 90% to 125% nominal line to assure satisfactory operation even with the worst line voltage conditions. This power supply can perform at up to 88% efficiency under full load conditions.