Magna Power XR600-9.9 Programmable Power Supply

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The Magna-Power XR600-9.9 is a 0-600V, 0 9.9A, 6kW fully controllable High Power DC power supply. Utilizing an additional power processing stage to deliver Magna-Power Electronics' signature current-fed power processing technology, the XR Series provides superior control and enhanced system protection, allowing the product to operate under short-circuit conditions, open-circuit conditions, and everything in between.

Magna-Power's XR Series high power dc power supply satisfies the increasing demand for a variety of applications such as: ATE, motor testing, battery charging, power source and solar emulation, water treatment, among a variety of other research and development activities. For automation and integration, all models include standard 37-pin isolated 0-10 V external input/output to monitor and control all functions. In addition the included RS232 communications, the XR Series is also debuting with Magna-Power Electronics LXI certified Ethernet interface option with embedded web server. This interface allows the power supply to be controlled and monitored in any web-browser or through NI LabView with certified drivers.

Through Magna-Power Electronics' novel design engineering, the XR Series is able to accept a wider AC input voltage range than any comparable product: from 208 Vac to 480 Vac , at 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz all with a power factor greater than 92% at rated power. These features combined with efficiencies up to 88%, make the XR Series a product expected in high demand.