MALA Easy Locator HDR Ground Penetrating Radar

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MALA Easy Locator
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Easy Locator Datasheet
Just as the first MALA Easy Locator HDR Ground Penetrating Radar revolutionized the utility locating industry to become the industry benchmark for GPR utility location, MALÅ Easy Locator HDR is a game changer. The High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is the next generation in MALÅ GPR technology specifically optimized for utility location. MALÅ Easy Locator HDR is faster, easier to use, more accurate, higher resolution and offers significantly better depth of penetration than its first generation forebear – the bar has been raised again. Advances in the design and construction of buried utilities have resulted in the ever-increasing use of non-metallic materials, for which traditional locating technology doesn't work. Ground penetrating radar offers a viable solution for this challenge as, it is the only safe, non-invasive technology available that neither requires physical connection to the utility, nor does it rely on electromagnetic (EM) radiation from the buried utility. The MALÅ Easy Locator series was engineered to meet the specific requirements of the locating industry and was quickly adopted by the utility locating community.
MALA Easy Locator Applications
  • Utility Locating - To utility companies buried services are assets that need to be protected.
  • Utility Mapping - To locate and map utilities before any excavation begins is a concern to everyone involved.
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Location - GPR can locate Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and any associated underground piping.