Sensors & Software LMX100 Ground Penetrating Radar

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The Sensors & Software LMX100 Ground Penetrating Radar offers a complete picture of the underground infrastructure with its easy-to-use interface. This non-destructive GPR device provides the perfect balance of depth penetration and high resolution for accurate locating. Normally elusive materials that this radar can detect include sewer systems, underground storage tanks, foundation walls, vaults, and concrete pads. This ensures reliability and versatility regardless of what the user is trying to locate.

The Sensors & Software LMX100 has various useful features such as a high visibility touchscreen display united and an integrated GPS receiver for geo-referencing data. USB connectivity provides easy data transfer. The lead acid gel cell battery is long lasting and swappable. The lightweight fiberglass cart frame gives the screen reliable support while not interfering with GPR signals coming from the GPR Sensor, complete with an ultra-wideband 250 MHz GPR antenna.

The Sensors & Software LMX100 Ground Penetrating Radar is part of the LMX Series.