Sensors & Software LMX200 Ground Penetrating Radar

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The Sensors & Software LMX200 Ground Penetrating Radar provides insights and target confidence to detect various traditional non-locatable subsurface features. Among the items this device can locate are non-metallic pipes, asbestos cement, underground electric cables, concrete storm and sewer systems, septic system components, foundation walls, and concrete pads. The LMX200 has a Grid Scan mode and the ability to use and external GPS to take full advantage of SplitView and MapView. In addition, the user can easily export data for post-processing, future reference, and mapping capabilities via USB.

The Sensors & Software LMX200 comes with a stellar touchscreen display unit with four modes for on-site detection. The screen is supported by a lightweight fiberglass cart frame which does not interfere with GPR signals. The GPR Sensors is equipped with an ultra-wideband 250 MHZ antenna. 3D depth slicing, geo-referenced output, and dynamic target enhancement are some of the other useful features that make this device useful for a variety of projects.

The Sensors & Software LMX200 Ground Penetrating Radar is part of the LMX Series.